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We love Little Gnomes Nature School. Shannon and Anouschka have created a truly magical place for kids to play, learn grow and just be. The days are filled with  creativity and love for the outdoors and our daughter is so happy being outdoors -  rain or shine.  It has brought her a love for the outdoors (and climbing trees) that will follow her the rest of her life. I cannot recommend this school enough - we are so grateful our daughter was able to spend two years with Shannon and Anouschka.

Trine & Eben

Little Gnomes Nature School is a magical place for kids to explore the wonders of nature and the outdoors. Shannon and Anouschka have created a powerful space for children to explore, to grow, to learn, and to be supported by each other and the plants, birds, rocks and dirt at North Mountain Park. Field trips to Lithia Park, Ordson Todd Woods, and local farms add so much value to the regular rhythm of the week. In three years, our girl has grown so much, made lasting friendships, gained invaluable confidence, thanks to the gentle guidance and support of Little Gnomes and her fabulous teachers!


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Mama & Papa Gnome

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