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For current and new parents

Details: Information Pack

School Year Program

We are fully enrolled for the current year 

If you are interested in future enrollment, please contact us for more information and to get on our waitlist. We will schedule a meet and greet visit when we begin enrollment in January for the following school year.

Tuition for the 2022-23 school year is $5340 for Oaks and $4125 for Acorns. A payment of $300 upon enrollment will hold your child’s spot. The balance is paid with nine monthly payments of $560/425 September through May. Please inquire about financial aid options.

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For current parents, all of our seasonal celebrations, holidays, and events can be found on our school year calendar:

We have

Gear Guide

We are outdoor - rain or shine and proper gear will protect your child from weather hazards such as sun, cold, etc. Here is a list of suggested gear for children in our program:

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